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Pirogovskaia n.5/2


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  • 1000+ participants
  • Prize-money tournaments
  • Chess starts
  • Activities and afterparty

Whether you’re a chess professional, keen amateur, or totally new to the game, this is the event for you! Try your hand in a tournament, test yourself against the stars, and learn the secrets of the game at seminars and lectures given by renowned coaches.

> 200

tournament series participants will compete for the prize pool, valuable gifts and places in the Stars finals, where they will fight with top grandmasters

15 +

bright champions and special guests will play, give lectures and train with you all day

12 +

theme zones with various intellectual games. All this, plus a host of shows, activities, board games, and delicious food and drink, capped with an unforgettable afterparty. A truly unmissable occasion for chess lovers, and all held in one of the world’s most beautiful cities – St. Petersburg

Why Grand Chess Fest is an event not to be missed

An event for all chess fans, regardless of ability

Meet and play some of the big names in the game, enjoy the lectures on offer, and try your hand at winning exciting prizes in the tournament

A family-friendly event

The festival provides a great opportunity to get your children into the game. Chess is not just great fun, it has real educational value and helps teach essential skills for future leaders.

A place for pros to get together

Join the fight for valuable prizes and enjoy a great day out in the company of like-minded people, all while taking advantage of the rich programme, delicious food and drink, and intellectual activities on offer

An event for busines

Give yourself and your team a workout in tactics and strategy, fight in the tournament for the title of company champion, and get a motivational boost for further growth from some of the best chess players around today

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Special guests

  • GM Alexander Morozevich
  • GM Sergey Shipov
  • GM Maria Fominih
  • GM Sergey Ivanov
  • GM Kirill Alexeenko
  • GM Alexey Shirov
  • GM Konstantin Sakaev
  • Secret Guest
  • Stay tuned
Alexander Morozevich
Intertational Grandmaster
Multiple champion of Moscow, Russia, 2-times winner of the European and World chess team championships, 3-times winner of the Chess Olympiads.

Headliner Will fight with you in the interactive zone of the festival and the Final of the stars

Sergey Shipov
International Grandmaster, chess commentator
Chess commentator, trainer, creator of Crestbook YouTube channel

Will fight with you in the interactive zone of the festival and the Final of the stars

Maria Fominih
International Grandmaster. journalist

Will fight with you in the interactive zone of the festival and the Final of the stars

Sergey Ivanov
International Grandmaster,trainer
The winner of the World Senior Chess Championship. Champion of St.Petersburg, the team champion of Poland and Sweden

Will give a lecture and will fight with you in the interactive zone of the festival and the Final of the stars

Kirill Alexeenko
International Grandmaster
European champion, Russian Champion

Will fight with you in the interactive zone of the festival and the Final of the stars

Alexey Shirov
International Grandmaster
Challenger for the 1998 World Champion

Will give a lecture and will fight with you in the interactive zone of the festival and the Final of the stars

Konstantin Sakaev
International Grandmaster, trainer
Two-time winner of the Chess Olympiad as part of the Russian national team.

Speaker of the educational program

Secret Guest
Stay tuned

What awaits u

Prize money
Prize money

Fight for big cash prizes and gifts from sponsors. The best of the best will be invited to the All Stars Tournament, where they will have the chance to compete with the pros.There will be four tournaments held for amateurs, advanced players, and masters.

Lectures and
Lectures and games

Play, evolve and train with the champions of Сhess, GO, Shogi


Kids tournaments and special educational programme for kids and parents



4 categories

- Business category

- Seniors category

- Kids category

- Women category


Two categories

No rating

FIDE rating< 1800

Prize Fund

Garantedd 100 000

Gifts from sponsors

Grand Chess League points

Grand Chess League certificates

Принять участие

Two categories

FIDE rating: 1800 - 2100

FIDE rating: 2100+

All stars final

The winners in each series will earn a cash prize and the right to participate in the All Star

Выберите тип билета

Пакет “Стандарт”
  • - Доступ в интерактивную зону
  • - Доступ ко всем играм
  • - Доступ на лекции
  • - Участие в розыгрыше
  • - Зрительский доступ на Финал звезд
Цена1000 ₽
Цена до повышения
890 ₽
Пакет “Турнир”
Билетов по акции:
  • - Все опции пакета “Cтандарт”
  • - Участие в Турнире
  • - Участие в розыгрыше денежного призового фонда
  • - Участие в розыгрыше призов спонсоров
  • - Фотосессия со звездами и специальными гостями
Цена2500 ₽
Цена до повышения
2390 ₽
Пакет “VIP”
Билетов по акции:
  • - Все опции пакета “Турнир”
  • - Доступ в VIP зону
  • - Доступ в зону “Игр со звездами”
  • - Вечеринка
  • - Место в 1 ряду
  • - Фотосессия со звездами
  • - Премиальный зрительский доступ на турнир звезд
Цена9000 ₽
Цена до повышения
6 990₽
Пакет “Platinum”
Билетов по акции:
  • - Все опции пакета “VIP”
  • - Wildcard на участие в финале Звезд
  • - Забронированное место в сеансе
  • - VIP-обед со специальными гостями фестиваля
  • - Игра со звездой
  • - Автограф хедлайнера турнира
  • - Афтерпати
Цена25900 ₽
Цена до повышения
19990 ₽
Пакет “Семейный”
  • - 1 билет “Турнир”
  • - 1 билет “Стандарт”
Цена3490 ₽
Цена до повышения
3180 ₽
  • - “VIP” билет для руководителя
  • - Аккредитация команды на “Турнир”
  • - Доступ в лекционную зону
  • - Доступ в интерактивную зону
  • - Участие в номинации Бизнес-чемпион
  • - Призы от партнеров
  • - Афтерпати (VIP)
Цена17990 ₽
  • Пакет “Стандарт”
  • Пакет “Турнир”
  • Пакет “VIP”
  • Пакет “Platinum”
  • Пакет "Семейный"
  • Корпоративный

Успейте до повышения!

Количество билетов по акции ограничено

Стандарт Турнир VIP Платинум
Цена сегодня (06.09) 890 2390 6990 19990
06.09 890 2390 6990 19990
в день фестиваля 1000 2500 9000 25000


Hotel "Saint-Petersburg"
Pirogovskaja nab, 5/2
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