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8 сентября


Welcome to Grand Chess Fest

This is a great event for fans and professionals of chess and intellectual entertainment. You are waiting for tournaments, games with the stars, seminars and lectures from famous coaches, shows, entertainment, board games, delicious food, soft drinks and an unforgettable afterparty. If you are not indifferent to the game or want to join it, you can not miss this event. In 2018 GCF will be held in the St.Petersburg - the Northern capital of Russia.

Why you can not miss the Grand Chess Fest?

If you are a chess fan

you will have an opportunity to get acquainted and play with the best chess players, listen to lectures and win valuable prizes in the tournament

If you are an professional player

you will get together in a fight for valuable prizes and have a great rest in a circle of like-minded people, you will find a rich program, delicious food, soft drinks and intelligent entertainment

For business

you and your team will be able to level up some tactics and strategy decision-making, fight in the tournament for the title of companies and get the charge of motivation of the best chess players for further growth.

For parents and children

at the festival, you can add your children to the game, so that they are always one step ahead of their rivals. Chess is not just a stimulator of intelligence,but also a serious competitive advantage for future leaders.

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Friends of the festival:

(List of participants is updating)

Peter Svidler
International Grandmaster. FIDE rating: 2753.
3х European Champion, 8x Champion of Russia
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Sergey Shipov
International Grandmaster, chess commentator
Chess commentator, trainer, the author of Crestbook youtube channel
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Maxim Matlakov
International Grandmaster. FIDE rating: 2704.
European champion among men in 2017, champion of St. Petersburg 2012
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Ernesto Inarkiev
International Grandmaster. FIDE rating: 2684
Champion of Europe 2016
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Konstantin Sakaev
International Grandmaster. FIDE rating: 2580
Two-time winner of the Chess Olympiad in the Russian national team.
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Secret guest

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What awaits you at GRAND CHESS FEST?


Fight for a large cash prize and gifts from sponsors. The best of the best will reach the All Stars Tournament, where they will compete with the stars of chess.
At the festival you will have the opportunity to fight for a cash prize and gifts from sponsors. Within the framework of the tournament 3 parallel series for amateurs, advanced players and chess masters are held. The top three of each series will reach the final with the stars and receive valuable prizes..

The show with the stars of chess

Play along with famous chess players, participate in trials and competitions, win valuable prizes. Blind chess, games with stars, simultaneous games and much more.
Blinfold chess
Blitz tournament with prize money
CSessions of simultaneous game
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Entertainment and board games

You will relax and have a good time at the party with friends and famous players. In the intervals between games, you are waited with soft drinks, live music, tasty food and snacks.
Contests and gifts
Board games
Bar, delicious snacks
Live music

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Open lectures and trainings

You can attend a series of seminars for active and thinking people, beginners and chess connoisseurs, entrepreneurs, parents and their children. Leading players, coaches and stars of the chess world will share their experiences, approaches, innovations and observations. Regardless of the level of your game, you can emphasize new ideas for yourself, pump your skills, discuss topical issues

For the youngest

Our young guests will receive a separate program that will help them to join the world of intellectual games.
Introductory lessons in chess
Lectures of famous trainers and authors of books
ИInteractive competitions for solving chess puzzles
Training games in fast chess and blitz
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Program of the festival

The program is forming. Want to get the program first?

Recieve GCF program

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Take part in an open blitz tournament (3 + 2) and fight for valuable prizes and place in the All Stars Tournament

All amateurs and chess professionals are allowed to participate in the tournament. Participants in the tournament are divided into three series depending on the level of skill.10 the best in each series receive valuable prizes,3 winners in each series - a cash prize and the right to participate in the All Stars Tournament, where you can compete with famous chess players.



No rating or FIDE < 1800



FIDE raitng: 1800 - 2100



FIDE rating > 2100

For companies

B2B tournaments

Teams ranking

Prize fund

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Package "Standart"


  • Access to the entermainment zone
  • Access to the food court
  • Access to the educational program
  • Spectator access to the All Stars Tournamnetд
Pre-sale price (-20%)
790 ₽

Package “Tournament”


  • All options of "Standart" package
  • Participation in the tournament
  • Participation in the drawing of prizes
  • Photoshoot with stars and special guests
Pre-sale price (-20%)
2490 ₽

Package “VIP”


  • All options of "Tournament" package
  • Access to VIP zone
  • Access to "Play with star" zone
  • Afterparty
  • Booked place in 1st row
  • Photoshoot with special guests
  • Premium access to All Stars Tornament
Pre-sale price (-20%)
5900 ₽

Package “Platinum”


  • All options of “VIP” package
  • Wildcard for playing in All Stars Tournament
  • Personal manager
  • VIP-dinner with special guests of the festival
  • Blitz game with chess star
  • Autograph session
  • Afterparty
Pre-sale price (-20%)
19900 ₽

Corporate package


  • “VIP” package for the chief
  • 3 "Tournament" pacakges for team
  • Access to corporate trainings
  • Access to intarective zone
  • Participation in the nomination of B2b Champion
  • Afterparty
Pre-sale price (-20%)
12900 ₽

Package "Sponsor"


  • Integration to media campaign
  • Exhibition place
  • Advertising options
  • Accreditation to the festival
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